Top 5 retro games that are still cool to play today

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We really are in the golden age of gaming right now. Breathtaking graphics, well-developed characters and awesome gameplay, not to mention the newest technologies that keep coming out like VR and 3D gaming.

Still, who doesn’t love an arcade game every once in a while? Here are the top 5 retro games of all time that you should definitely go back to on a Thursday, even if just for the sake of a cool throwback.

Donkey Kong

Did you know that Donkey Kong actually came before Super Mario? Young designer Shigeru Miyamato was recruited by Nintendo in 1981 to come up with a fun arcade game, that would eventually revolutionise the world of gaming.

Super Mario himself first appeared in the Donkey Kong arcade version, then named Jumpman. Now that would have been a lame name for the most popular character in the history of gaming.

Pac Man

Released in Japan in 1980, Pac Man became one of the most popular arcade games of all time, despite its very simple concept of gobbling enemies.

Spin-offs of the game are still being released today, and Pac Man has remained the most recognisable video game character among Americans (even more than Super Mario)!

The Legend of Zelda

If you’re craving a link to the past, you should try out an early version of The Legend of Zelda. You’re bound to be entertained by this classic fantasy game for hours on end solving puzzles, winning battles and going on exciting adventures.

You could also have a great time exploring how far The Legend of Zelda has come since its release in 1986, yet realise how much fun it still is!

Space Invaders

One of the earliest ever shooter games, Space Invaders is as retro and classic as they get! The design and gameplay are definitely simple by today’s standards. But when it first started dominating arcades 40 years ago, it became an absolute phenomenon.

The pixelated alien graphics first designed for Space Invaders is now a part of pop culture history, inspiring many other video games to follow in its footsteps.

Sensible Soccer

Before the likes of Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA came along, Sensible Soccer was all the rage.

Also known as Sensi by its early players and fans, this was the first football video game of its kind. Similar to today’s games, as early as 1994 you could manage and play thousands of different clubs from across the globe.