Tips to Keep Cool During Your First Job Interview

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If you’re fresh out of school, the next thing on your to-do list is probably to find a job. If you’ve landed an interview but you’re feeling a bit nervous about how to handle it, here’s our handy ‘How to keep cool in an interview’ list.

Do your research

Preparation is the key to success so get some research done before the big day.

Read your prospective employer’s website. Think about how you fit in with their values and mission. Use this research to start writing down questions you want to ask too!

Read your resume

Think about how best to talk about your education, skills, and/or previous experiences. If there’s something on your resume that sets you apart from the crowd, prepare to talk about it.

What to wear

If you follow these guidelines, you can walk into your interview confident that your first impression will be a good one!

Ladies, wear a skirt or dress that falls about to your knees or wear slacks. Pair skirts or slacks with a button down or blouse. Don’t go for anything too revealing – save that for outside work!

Guys, well-fitting slacks and a button down. A tie is usually a good idea unless you’ve been told otherwise.

Things to keep in mind

It’s always a good idea to have a copy of your resume handy in case your interviewer asks to look at it during the interview.

Take some deep breaths before entering the interview and then rely on all the great prep work you’ve done to help you through it! If you get stuck on a question, it’s better to stop talking and collect your thoughts than to continue to ramble or stutter while you try to think.

You’ve got this!