Should You Get a Pet? (Hint: The Answer is YES)

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If you’ve recently moved out, you may be thinking about getting a dog or cat to keep you company in your new home or apartment.

Assuming wherever you live allows pets, the answer to the question, “should I get a pet?,” is YES!

Here are a few surprising benefits that will help you make the jump!

1. Having a pet combats loneliness & depression

As a great owner, your pet will love to be with you (at least when they feel like it – we’re looking at you, cats!).

Furry pets are great snugglers and can make an empty house or apartment seem much less lonely. They’re also definite mood boosters, even helping decrease feelings of depression or loneliness.

2. Having a pet challenges you to grow

Because your pet is dependent on you for almost everything, you’ll find a new sense of purpose and responsibility in taking care of them.

All the challenges that come with looking after your pet will encourage you to grow as a person and feel more capable and even adventurous!

3. Having a pet motivates you to be healthier

A dog definitely needs a walk and even certain breeds of cat can be trained to walk on a leash.

Going on a neighbourhood walk or visiting a park are great ways for you (as well as your pet) to get some exercise!

And, when you take regular walks, you’ll be more encouraged to incorporate other healthy habits into your life!

4. Having a pet boosts your social life

Visiting the same parks or walking the same route a few times a week allows you and your pet to meet other people and pets! And nothing is a better conversation starter than a cute dog or cat!