Order Your Coffee Like a Pro

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Everyone’s heard those jokes about the needlessly complex Starbucks order. But there is something about effortlessly ordering your coffee. If you’re new to coffee or just want to step up your coffee game, here are some terms to help you!

Brewed coffee

What you get if you say you want a basic “cup of coffee.” You can choose from light (milder taste with more caffeine), dark (richer taste with less caffeine), or medium roast.


This is made by brewing coffee grounds at high pressure to create a condensed, powerful taste. A “shot” of espresso, has about the caffeine of a half cup of brewed coffee.


This is perhaps the most basic of espresso drinks, made with espresso and warmed milk to create a creamy, caffeinated taste. Many like their lattes with added flavour but the classic drink stands well on its own too!

*A traditionally American drink. If you order a latte in Italy, you’ll get milk. Try a breve instead. It uses half-and-half instead of milk.


Usually made with one to three shots, this simple drink of espresso and hot water resembles a more bitter brewed coffee.


Traditionally a shot of espresso with a touch of milk. However, outside Italy, it’s usually sold with a flavour, in which case it’s not actually a true macchiato but just a flavoured espresso drink with less milk than a latte.


Espresso with not as much milk as a latte but more than in a macchiato.

Double (Triple)

Indicates how many shots of espresso you want. Many coffeeshops default to a “single” shot, but you can clarify if you want.

Wet or Dry

Indicates how much foam you want in your drink. Wet means less and denser foam. Dry means more and fluffier foam.