Letting Go of Toxic Friendships

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Friendships just aren’t as simple as they used to be. If you have a long-time friend who’s changed the way they act towards you, it can be difficult to judge whether they’re really worth your time.

Here are some signs that you may be in a toxic friendship.

1. They talk about you behind your back

You get the feeling that your heart-to-hearts aren’t as secret as they used to be. And maybe your friend is starting to complain about your “annoying” habits to other people.

2. They make you do all the work in your friendship

You’re always the one texting first, initiating all get-togethers, and moving your schedule to fit theirs.

3. They’re constantly telling you about their problems, but they never seem interested in yours

When you start to talk about your life, they seem uninterested, change the subject, or start scrolling on their phone.

4. They say they value your friendship, but don’t do anything to back that up

They constantly affirm your friendship saying things like, “you’re my BEST friend!’ or “I don’t know what I’d do with you,” but they never put any effort into being there for you.

5. They never have time for you

They always respond to your texts a few days later, saying something like, “I’ve been super busy,” or “Sorry! I was at just fill-in-the-blank.”

6. They don’t listen to your advice

When you offer your advice about something, you know that they’re not even thinking about what you’re saying.

Letting go of a long-time friend can be difficult, but you shouldn’t allow yourself to be used by someone who doesn’t care about you. Maybe it’s time to let the friendship go. If you still think you can make the friendship work, maybe confronting them about their behaviour may be the best tactic.