5 Useful Ways to Help You Keep Your Cool This Summer

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Summer is already here, and while most of us are excited to have some extra free time to have some fun in the sun, some days, the heat can just be downright unbearable. What do you do if your A/C goes down? We’ve got you covered! These are our five favourite ways to stay cool in the summer.

1. Make sure your fans spin in the right direction

Most people think that the direction their ceiling fans spin doesn’t matter. In reality, it can be the difference between sweltering heat or frigid paradise. Make sure they’re spinning counter-clockwise, and they’ll keep the air moving.

2. Throw your sheets in the freezer

Ever laid on top of your covers in hot agony when trying to sleep? Here’s a quick fix: throw your sheets in a bag and toss them in the freezer for an hour or so. After that, remake your bed, and you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a frozen cloud. Just make sure they don’t freeze entirely!

3. Chill your makeup products

Going off of the last point, one of the best ways to blast your body with cooling relief is to keep your lotions, moisturizers, and other beauty products in the fridge. They’ll cool you off first thing in the morning and can actually extend their shelf life!

4. Get some ice in your veins

The pulse points in your wrists and hands are where your veins are close to the surface. If you can’t get a break from the heat, run your wrists and hands under some super cold water, and it will actually cool your blood down slightly, effectively cooling off your body as it circulates.

5. Embrace it

When all else fails, you might as well just embrace the heat and enjoy it while it lasts! Once temperatures start to cool down, you’re going to miss these warm days!