5 Tips to Help Naturally Clear Up Your Skin

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Did you know that acne isn’t necessarily just a hormone-related problem you get in your teen years? A good percentage of the world’s population also suffers from “adult acne,” which can be a lifelong irritation.

However, the good news is that most cases of both teen acne and adult acne are fairly treatable. Many more aggressive forms will require a doctor’s visit and some prescription creams or other medicinal cures. However, if your acne is milder, these 5 natural cures may help!

1. Regular cleansing and exfoliation

Imbalanced hormones are only one of many possible causes of acne. Dirt, pollen, dry skin, and bacteria may also be culprits.

Make sure you’re using a daily face cleanser and exfoliating with a homemade sugar and oil face scrub at least three times a week.

2. Green tea

Another reason you may be experiencing acne may be because of excessively oily skin. Applying a washcloth dipped in chilled green tea to the inflamed areas on your face may help reduce the oil your pores produce and calm down red spots, giving your skin a much deserved cool break! Who knew green tea can benefit your health even if you’re not drinking it!

3. Sulfur mask

Natural sulfur masks and scrubs are great acne-fighters because sulfur can actually help unclog your pores and fight bacteria! Clay masks and scrubs are beneficial too, but we prefer sulfur.

4. Honey

Honey is another great antibacterial for your skin. You can apply a small amount of honey to problem areas on your face and leave it on for about a half an hour to help calm your breakouts down.

5. Rest and relaxation

Another cause of acne is stress. While we can’t totally control our stress levels, breathing exercises, meditation, and getting a healthy amount of sleep can all help decrease your stress and clear your acne!