5 important real life lessons Uni won’t teach you

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Going to University should prepare you for the real world. But, truth be told, there are real-life lessons that Uni definitely won’t teach you. That’s why most graduates often get confused on what do next.  In fact, even years after leaving uni, many young people end up living a fantasy, clinging desperately to their student lifestyle.

So, if you’re presently at college or uni and don’t want to get caught in this trap, here are 5 important life lessons your lecturers won’t teach you.

1. Managing money is harder than you might think

Cash flow management is tricky and you won’t learn how to do it in a lecture room.  This reality will dawn on you in your early 20s you start to realise that you do need to keep track of your finances.

This can turn into a full-time job for you as new bills start to pour in. To get yourself ready, take our advice and limit your credit card debt and do your best to live below your income level. The discipline will serve you well and, once you start earning a regular salary, help you to build up the finances you need to live your dream lifestyle


2. Mistakes are part of life

Getting things wrong is part of life. When you’re a student, your tutors push for perfection. It’ what is needed to pass your exams and get top grades. This notion doesn’t hold water in real life. After uni or college, you will soon realize that mistakes are inevitable.

In fact, mistakes are part of the learning process in life. What is important is to learn from your mistakes and use the lessons learnt to grow both in your personal and in your professional life.

3. Distance will separate you from your student friends

It won’t take long before you realise that all those wonderful people you were so close to as a student are starting to drift away.  Those friends, with whom you used to go to hole-in-the-wall joints with to drink, dance, and do lots funny and crazy things, will suddenly be far away.

Life and career struggles will drift you apart and distance will come permanently between you and them. This reality can be extremely painful to new graduates. But, you will have to look on the bright side. Your network will spread and it can come handy for you later in life when you want to have a one-night-stand in another city where one of your college friends now resides.

4. Skills matter

A degree is good, but it is not enough to help you be the best in your field. Of course, after graduating, you will get to understand that skills matter a lot in life. So, it’s important to keep on learning. Read books, go to classes or seminars and continually hone your skills and open your mind to new ideas.

This will keep your skill set relevant to an ever-changing reality.  So, you should start converting some of those hours you spent partying with friends around the campus to learning some useful skills.

5. Importance of the art of communicating

You learn communication when you’re young, but you may not have been told how mastering this art is important to helping you achieve most of your objectives in life. Everything in business, and in the social world, is about how well you’re able to communicate with players in your field to get things and tips you need to achieve your goals.

Final words

The truth is the after you graduate you will wake up into a new reality. You will soon realise the importance of communication, networking, and social connections. You will find out that managing finances aren’t as easy as you used to think and that most of life’s lessons aren’t taught at university or college. Above all, you will learn that to survive in life, you will have to keep learning from your mistakes and the mistakes of others.