10 Life hacks you never knew you needed

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From organising your cables to not losing your keys ever again, here are 10 solutions to some of life’s biggest everyday headaches!

1. Use paper clips to organise your cables

Paperclip cables

2. Or toilet paper rolls — they can work too!

Toiletpaper cables

3. Almost finished your jar of Nutella?

End it with ice cream ☺

4. Use drinking can tabs to offset hangers

Save space in your wardrobe

5. Need to charge your phone quickly?

Charge it on airplane mode.

6. Put pancake mix in a ketchup bottle to avoid making a mess

7. Put a wooden spoon across the top of your boiling pot of water

This will keep it from boiling over.
boiling water

8. Cure a brain freeze with your tongue

Press your tongue up against the roof of your mouth!

9. Use an empty plastic bottle to separate the yolks from the whites

10. Colour-code your keys with nail polish

Do you misplace your keys all the time, and can’t be bothered with key chains? How about colour-coding them with nail polish?